A second life for textiles

Sustainable to the last fibre. Reusing or recycling used clothing saves on raw materials.

Waste not, want not: ETERNA is now working with its partner TEXAID to reuse old clothing in an environmentally friendly way. ETERNA is now also offering the option of disposing of shirts and blouses sustainably at the end of their life cycle.

With the support of its partner TEXAID, ETERNA ensures that used textiles are reused or recycled. TEXAID is one of the leading organisations for the ecological collection, sorting and recycling of used textiles in Europe. Like ETERNA, TEXAID aims to keep used textiles in the value chain for as long as possible in order to conserve resources. Every fibre is valuable – that’s why it is important that old clothes do not end up in the tip, but are recycled sensibly. This is now possible in most ETERNA brand stores, for example.

But what happens to the old textiles afterwards? This depends entirely on the condition of the returned clothing: Well-preserved items are can be sent around the world as second-hand fashion. This is particularly appropriate for high-quality clothing, such as the shirts and blouses from ETERNA. This means no new clothes have to be produced, which would require farmland, water, energy and labour. But there is also a use for clothes that can no longer be worn: These are processed into cleaning rags, insulating materials or stuffing material. This also saves on raw materials.