Environmental friendly through CO2 compensation

1,000 tons less each year. Since 2017 ETERNA has been producing eco friendly by supporting compensation projects in Kenya and Madagascar.

On average, manufacturing one ETERNA shirt emits 8.7 kg of CO2. This figure is relatively low because ETERNA saves electricity and fuel in various ways. However, it is impossible to avoid CO2 emissions completely in production. So carbon neutrality can only be achieved by offsetting.

Offsetting means that ETERNA channels money into climate protection projects which cut down an equivalent amount of carbon emissions in other areas of the world. With the help of myclimate, a climate care fund, ETERNA supports two climate protection projects – one in Kenya and one in Madagascar.

Thanks to carbon offsetting, ETERNA’s production of premium shirts and blouses, custom-made shirts and the entire WE CARE collection have been completely carbon neutral since 1 July 2017. Every year, we save nearly 1,000 tonnes of CO2.