Sustainability through innovation

Durable yarn from natural resources. Best quality, eco-friendly manufactured and completely biodegradable.

Companies who supply fabrics for ETERNA shirts and blouses have to deliver impeccable quality. And if these fabrics are also sustainable and innovative, then all the better! For the production of our WE CARE collection, we’re delighted to be using a product newly developed by the Austrian yarn manufacturer Lenzing.

Fabrics for WE CARE garments are woven from the newly developed Tencel™ x Refibra™ yarn. “Regenerated cellulose” is an umbrella term for fibres which are extracted from cellulose (wood) via a chemical process. Viscose, Modal, Cupro and Lyocell all belong to this family. Tencel™ is the protected brand name for Lyocell, produced by the Austrian yarn manufacturer Lenzing. The main component in Refibra™ yarn is Tencel™, sourced from sustainable forests. This is combined with up to 30% leftover cotton remnants, discarded during industrial mass production processes. As such, the fabric is biodegradable.