On 1st of April 2004, ETERNA started their brand related concession business by establishing ETERNA soft-shops for the product range of shirts.

When looking at the 20 m² of sales area of the ETERNA soft-shops which the customer finds in specialist retail shops, the adjectives that cross one's mind are clear, masculine and up-to-date.

An anthracite-coloured line as an optical identifier attracts one's attention. Apart from that, there is a stainless steel rear wall combined with transparent plexiglass shelves.

Next to the shirts which are showcased in a theme-related structure, the matching combination of ties is represented in a vivid way A display table or a product pyramid offers the customer a perfect selection to touch, feel & explore in the centre of each ETERNA soft-shop.


The building up of a Soft-Shop network for the brand blouses, which began in autumn 2005 with two pilot projects, is running successfully and has fulfilled all expectations. With this, the ETERNA blouse can be presented in a way compatible to the brand in the exclusively developed, high value shop design. The 10 to 20 square metres sales area are outfitted with light, predominantly white furniture, combined with satined glass and brushed stainless steel. The rear wall of the shop functions as an important eye-catcher with well visible brand logos.