All lights are green.

Know what's inside.

From now on you can see at a glance how much environmental awareness, responsibility and fairness goes into your new ETERNA shirt or blouse. Similar to the traffic light systems on food, our labels offer guidance for your purchase decisions – except that at ETERNA the traffic light starts at green, because all our products are sustainable.

Green Level High

Environmentally friendly raw materials and transparent supply chain

From the cotton plant to the finished shirt – ETERNA pays attention to sustainability along the entire supply chain as a matter of course. So sustainability is always high, even at our minimum level. That means all materials are tested for harmful substances and the entire value chain is traceable for everyone. This is proven on the one hand by the OEKO-TEX® certifications, in particular the MADE IN GREEN product label. On the other hand, Germany’s government-run sustainability certification, the Green Button, also checks these aspects. In addition, the "High" Green Level indicates that ETERNA pays attention to the origin of cotton used in the production of its cotton shirts and blouses. ETERNA has committed to sourcing more sustainable cotton – including Better Cotton Initiative, recycled, fair trade and organic cotton – for a total of 70 per cent of its cotton by 2022.

Green Level Superior

Added bonus: climate-balanced production

Shirts and blouses with the "Superior" Green Level of course meet all the sustainability requirements placed on products with the "High" Green Level. They have an additional feature as well: all shirts and blouses with this award are produced in a climate-balanced way. For this purpose, our partner myclimate has calculated the exact CO2 emissions caused by the production of one shirt. For this, ETERNA supports selected climate protection projects that achieve equally high CO2 savings in other places around the world. 

Green Level Outstanding

Resource-saving through the use of recycled and renewable raw materials

Sustainability begins with the selection of raw materials. ETERNA already pays attention to this aspect in the "High" Green Level by partially using more sustainable cotton. But ETERNA takes a different approach for the particularly sustainable WE-CARE collections, which save resources by using fibres with a proportion of recycled cotton. Alternatives to cotton are used as well, such as Lyocell, which is produced from cellulose in an environmentally friendly way. These resource-saving materials, together with the transparent supply chain and climate-balanced production, backed up by other seals and certifications, justify the "Outstanding" level.