Shirts and blouses for the highest demands

Our history spans more than160 years, our passion is shirts and blouses and our corporate philosophy is clearly defined. ETERNA was and is a company that lives its values.

Design and quality made in Passau

All the threads come together at the company headquarters in Passau, Lower Bavaria: This is where the ideas and designs for our shirts and blouses come from. In 2022, around 3,3 million shirts and blouses went from here to several thousand specialist retailers and to our customers in Germany and Europe and all over the world who appreciate German craftsmanship.

Innovations write success stories

Ever since it was founded in 1863, ETERNA has stood for innovation. Two outstanding examples: The semi-rigid collar in the 1920s, made from a special double weave, buttoned as a loose collar onto a matching mandarin collar shirt. In the 1980s, ETERNA's ingenuity spawned the idea of ​​the non-iron shirt made from 100 percent cotton.

Only the best is good enough for us

Only three percent of the cotton harvested worldwide meet our quality standards. And the highest quality is also the most important goal at ETERNA for the finished product. Our motto: We don't do anything extraordinary, but we do it extraordinarily well. In other words: ETERNA is quality obsessed.

Regard for people and nature

ETERNA has always relied on environmentally friendly, responsible and fair production conditions. Sustainability is part of everyday life, not only at the company headquarters in Passau. ETERNA assures responsibility for its more than 800 employees at the company headquarters in Passau, Lower Bavaria, in German and Austrian brand stores and in its own production facility in Bánovce in Slovakia, as well as for all people worldwide who work for ETERNA.

Favorite pieces instead of "fast fashion"

The ETERNA collections are characterized by a very special feeling for the needs of style-conscious people. Shirts and blouses from ETERNA are the opposite of "fast fashion" - they are timelessly modern and favorite pieces that everyone likes to wear for a long time. Responsible consumer behavior is also a contribution to sustainability.

Shirts and blouses with style

Whether leisure or business, whether casual or elegant, a shirt or blouse from ETERNA is always the right choice. Customers of all ages and with every stylistic preference can be rest assured that they will be tastefully dressed for any occasion with a product from ETERNA.

Shirts and blouses with added value

Nowadays, even basics have to meet very specific customers needs. Shirts and blouses with special functionality, such as the opaque COVER SHIRT or the stretchy PERFORMANCE SHIRT, fulfill the customer's desire for clothing with added value. The perfect fit makes ETERNA shirts and blouses functionally superior.

Masterful and with a love of detail

As a product specialist, ETERNA implements the wishes for shirts and blouses with competence, passion and love for detail. ETERNA shirts and blouses are a testament to mastery. Different cuts, a wide selection of collar shapes and sleeve lengths as well as exclusive designs guarantee that every man and woman will find their favorite piece.