Soft handle, even texture and fine sheen

The stylish choice for a clean, elegant premium look.

What makes this shirt so special?

Premium shirt with a soft feel, which is characterized by a particularly fine and elegantly shimmering fabric. Smooth, dense and evenly woven, it lets its wearer shine on every occasion.

The shirt has a soft feel and an elegant, slight sheen

The two-ply twill fabric made of 100% cotton in two layers is characteristic of the premium shirt "Luxury Shirt". The fabric is smooth, tightly and evenly woven. Shirts and blouses from the premium line 1863 by ETERNA are produced with a CO2 balanced approach, as ETERNA supports sustainable environmental and climate protection projects of the myclimate foundation.

Material & Fabric
Quality: Twill
Ironing treatment: NON IRON
Material: 100% cotton

ETERNA Sustainability

The luxury shirt corresponds to the GREEN LEVEL SUPERIOR and complies with the following sustainability initiatives:

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