Heating facilities help saving the Rain Forest

Better stoves, less woodcutting. Local women produce energyefficient stoves for domestic people.

ETERNA provides financial support to climate protection projects to offset the generated CO2 during the production of shirts and blouses from the premium line 1863 by ETERNA, as well as custom-made shirts and the WE-CARE collection, making their production climate-balanced. This directly benefits rural households near the Kakamega Forest in western Kenya.

Within the scope of the "Ovens for Life" project by the American-Kenyan organization Eco2librium, 52,000 efficient stoves are distributed to households in this area. This initiative aims to protect the Kakamega Forest, which is Kenya's last remaining indigenous forest but is continuously losing its area, mainly due to locals gathering firewood. This is significantly reduced through the use of efficient ceramic stoves, which are manufactured by ten local women's groups.