Heating facilities help saving the Rain Forest

Better stoves, less woodcutting. Local women produce energyefficient stoves for domestic people.

ETERNA funds offset projects which compensate for the CO2 emitted during the production of its premium 1863 by ETERNA collection of shirts and blouses, its custom-made shirts and its WE CARE collection.

As a result, these collections have a net zero-carbon footprint. Rural households close to the Kakamega forest in west Kenya benefit directly from this. Eco2librium, an American/Kenyan organisation, has initiated a project called “Stoves for Life” which has distributed 52,000 energy-efficient cook stoves to households in this region. The aim is to protect the Kakamega forest, Kenya’s last remaining indigenous rainforest, which is disappearing rapidly as locals cut down trees for firewood. The energy-efficient cook stoves, which are produced by ten groups of local women, require considerably less firewood.